EViews Webinars

EViews webinars are online interactive, live classes that provide a convenient and inexpensive way to obtain training in EViews. We offer two forms of webinar, public and private. Public webinars follow a set schedule and pricing scheme, and are open to anyone (see schedule below). Private webinars can be customized to your exact needs, allowing you to choose the length of training, the number of participants, and the topics to be covered (more details below).

Each webinar is split into two sessions, spanning two days. Typically each session will lasts for 2 hours, including time for questions. You must sign up for both sessions.

To participate in a webinar, you simply need a connection to the internet and a modern web-browser (or an iPad or Android tablet). Enrolling in a webinar entitles you to attend the live class, and provides access to the training materials (slides, EViews example files and programs) used during the class.


Participating and attending certain combinations of webinars allows you to receive official EViews Certification. The different types of EViews Certification conferred are:

Public Webinars

Below is the schedule of upcoming public webinars. New courses and dates will be added - check back soon!

To purchase a webinar, please contact training@eviews.com or call 949 856 3368.

Receive a 20% discount on the cost of any webinars purchased at the same time as a new purchase of EViews, if you purchase via phone or email. Discounts are also available for groups of more than 5 individuals that sign up at the same time. Contact us for more information.

Click on each webinar's title to view more details of its syllabus.

Date Webinar Content Price

3.00-5.00 pm (EST)

3.00-5.00 pm (EST)

Introduction to EViews
  • What is EViews?
  • Overview of the EViews desktop.
  • Workfiles and Workfile pages - getting data into EViews.
  • EViews Samples: refining your analysis.
  • Series and Groups: EViews data objects.
  • Estimation: a first look.
  • Introduction to other EViews objects.

3.00-5.00 pm (EST)

3.00-5.00 pm (EST)

Working with Data in EViews
  • Data manipulation: functions everyone should know.
  • Date functions: manipulating dated data.
  • Dummy variables.
  • Frequency conversion and data merging.
  • Graphing data in EViews.
  • Analyzing your data in EViews: basic statistics.

3.00-5.00 pm (EST)

3.00-5.00 pm (EST)

Basic Time Series Analysis
  • Date arithmetic and time series functions.
  • Time series graphs in EViews.
  • Basic time series statistical analysis.
  • Univariate time series: Unit Root tests, Variance Ratio tests and the BDS Independence Test.
  • Moving average and exponential smoothing.

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

Least Squares and Time Series Regression
  • Basic estimation: a review.
  • Non-linear estimation.
  • Serial correlation: Testing and correcting for (ARIMA estimation).
  • Heteroskedasticity and autocorrelation.
  • Additional tests and post-estimation diagnostic analysis.
  • Forecasting in EViews.

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

Advanced Econometrics: Single Equation Models
  • Instrumental variable models.
  • Estimation with structural change (BREAKLS and MARKOV SWITCHING).
  • ARCH/GARCH models.
  • Cointegrating equations in EViews.

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

Advanced Econometrics: System Estimation and Multivariate Analysis
  • System estimation
  • VAR/VEC models.
  • Factor analysis.

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

Panels and Pools
  • Panel vs pool.
  • Pooled data: Analysis and estimation.
  • Panel data: Analysis and estimation.

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

Advanced Econometrics: Discrete, Limited Dependent Variable
  • Binary models.
  • Ordered models.
  • Censured and truncated models.
  • Count models.
  • Quantile regression.

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

3.00-5.00 pm (EDT)

Modelling in EViews:
Model Object
  • The model object: some definitions.
  • Creating a model.
  • Working with models.
  • Solving your model: baseline scenarios.
  • Alternative scenarios.

Private Webinars

Private webinars provide customized EViews training delivered online at your own schedule for you and your company.

Each webinar can be customized to your exact needs, allowing you to choose the length of training, the number of participants, and the topics to be covered.

Depending on the content configuration of the onsite visit, each attendee may qualify for EViews Certification and will receive a certificate.

Pricing of the webinar will depend upon your exact requirements. You may bundle a private webinar as part of your EViews Volume License to receive a discounted rate for the webinar.

If you would like to schedule a webinar, you may contact us at training@eviews.com or call 949 856 3368.