EViews 7 Patch Installer

To determine if your installed EViews is out-of-date, you can compare the "build date" of your version of EViews with those posted below. Your version's build date is displayed when you select About EViews... from the EViews Help Menu.

The EViews 7.2 update executable may be used to update your currently installed EViews 7.2 or 7.1 to the most recent shipping version. The update installer will not run unless you already have EViews 7.1 or 7.2 installed on your machine.

Current Update

October 17, 2013

  • Fix for a bug in @cmin and @cmax functions for matrices containing NAs.
  • Various minor single equation ARCH fixes.
  • Various Q-stat fixes.

Prior Updates

June, 2013

Fix for fetching series with spaces in the name. Added @first and @last support to the OLEDB driver.

April, 2013

Fix for panel SAR estimation. Fix for COM issues involving exporting date series. Misc. other fixes.

February, 2013

Fix for bug in Quandt-Andrews test with HAC covariances and sample breaks. Fix for bug in Tobit representations view. General speed improvements when dealing with large workfiles. Fix for bug where internal missings are not handled properly when computing the Quadratic Spectral kernel in unit root tests. Improved foreign character handling for XMLbased data vendors such as FRED, Datastream, and CEIC. Fix for a crash in 2-period forecasts from state space objects with only one observation. Improved handling logit/probit/extreme value models with extreme values for the probabilities.

November, 2012

Fix for a rare bug when writing and reading text files containing mainly integer values.

October, 2012

General speed improvements when running EViews under COM. Fix computation of SSR in FMOLS/CCR so that it uses the second-stage sample instead of the first-stage long-run equation sample. Fix for a bug where command line options for qqplot graphs were ignored. Fix for an issue in Windows 8 which would prevent PDFs opening from EViews if the built-in Windows PDF viewer is not the default PDF viewer. Fix for a bug in the pagecreate(idcross) command where the @Range statement was being ignored.

August, 2012

Fix for a crash when assigning tables to each other via command. Improve (decrease) time taken for saving workfiles containing a very large number of obejcts. Fix for a bug in graphs when changing graph type from the command line. Fix problems when using the hfetch command to read daily series from Haver databases when global options set to use dd/mm/yyyy date format. Improve handling of series not found errors when fetching from FRED database. Fix for a bug in computation of restricted least squares modesl in cases where the dependent variable was a single variable with a lead or lag. Improve error messaging in factor analysis models where there are large numbers of near-zero eigenvalues. Fix spurious error messages of in several cases where we combine EGLS with panel robust covariance estimators. Report the endogenous variable that could not be evaluated when a model fails to solve due to an evaluation error in an equation.

July, 2012

Fix for handling of the @expand function on series with value maps applied where the value map contains an unmatched parenthesis. Fix for inconsistent behavior with the graph.options gridcust(obs) command. Fix for a crash when saving html files under certain coloring conditions. Improved behavior when pasting more than 1MB of text into text and program windows. Fixed scrolling issues when opening program or text files larger than 1 MB. Improved speed of message dialogs containing large amounts of text. Stopped syntax highlighting of program lines longer than 32k characters. Remove error messages in @w… functions if input text contains unmatched parentheses or quotes. Improve handling of very long strings. Fix for VAR Portmanteau test p-values when estimating a var from the command line.

June, 2012

Better handling of rank deficiency error on J-stat probability calculation in panel estimation. Fix issues with reading data from workfiles above 2GB in size in Excel Add-in / OLEDB driver. Fix unlink command used with a list of object names to support unlinking of formulas and database links

May, 2012

Fix for a bug in the display of DFBeta graphs. Better error message handling when opening Excel files that have Excel copy protection enabled. Fix for a bug in the @quantile function for generating series. Change to error message in weak IV diagnostics test. Fixed a bug when trying to register a help file located on a network. Improved behavior for tables with a large number of colors. Further foreign character support in programs. Fix display of lag coefficients in PDLs in Tobit and related models. Improve representations view for selected models with PDLs. Fix for a bug when using the copy command with the (o) or (noerr) options when compying FRML objects. Increased foreign character support in programs.

April, 2012

Fix for label view not having enough rows to show all attributes when an object has many custom attributes. Fix for long text in dialogs. Fix for EdxMagellan to support proxy usernames that start with domain name. Changes to automatic network proxy detection. Improved forecasting of MA only models to allow coefficient uncertainty. Fix for a bug in MA only models that would cause incorrect values to be forecasted for the first and last period of the forecast when forecasting of the entire workfile range. Fix for a bug when forecasting from an ARMA equation with fixed effects in unsorted panel workfiles. Improved speed of saving large text objects to RTF files. Fix for a bug in the computation of the log-likelihood in iterated-to-convergence weighted pooled EGLS. Fix to remove some unsupported post-estimation tests from LIML and GMM equations.

March, 2012

Fix for a crash that could occur in programs with long string variables. Added a new graph.makegroup name command that lets you make a group from a live graph. Fix spurious error message in cointegrating regression with a single cointegrating regressor. Fix for database links from Magellan not refreshing after workfile resize. Fix for the @maxerrs command. Fix for a crash when pasting plain text into the Equations view of a Model. Error check for more than one variable in the cointegrating relationship in cointegrating regression. Fix for spurious error message when checking the regressor determinstics in DOLS. Fix for AREMOS 7 day daily frequencies not being handled correctly by EViews (being treated as 5 day daily). Fix for a bug that caused @wlookup to not recognise group objects. Fix for a bug that caused some forecast standard errors in non-ARMA dynamic equations to not calculate properly.

February, 2012

Improvement to the efficiency of EViews programs that create and delete lots of workfile objects. Fix for a bug that would prevent graph legends from updating when the underlying data changes. Change to the @strnow and @now functions to increase accuracy to milliseconds. Fix for a bug that caused scatter plots in panel workfiles to not show properly. Cointegrating regression modifications to disallow models with extra deterministics in the regressor equations that are not in the cointegrating equation. DPD estimation improvements in handling of internal missing values for dynamic instruments that are not based on the endogenous variable or other variables in the specification. Fix for an issue that would cause incorrect date information to be shown on certain FRED data series. Fix for a crash that could occur during model.append commands, caused by a recent patch. Fix for a crash that could occur when saving extremely large workfiles as text files. Change to the demo version so that it is recognised as containing the features included in the Enterprise edition. Fix for a bug that could cause a model's add-factors to be removed.

January, 2012

Miscellaneous fixes. Added even more intelligence to sample adjustment during stochastic model solves for equations with MA backcasting. Browse button in the database registry now opens the correct file open dialog. Fix for a bug that could occur when printing tables with merged cells. Fix for a crash that could occur when using models based on groups with an @r function. Added more intelligence to sample adjustment during stochastic model solves for equations with MA backcasting. Fix for a crash that could occur when performing a stochastic solve and the solution series already exists as page links in the workfile. Improved ARCH forecasting ability - some periods that were being forecasted as NA now have values. Fix for a bug in system IV with AR term estimation whereby starting values were being incorrectly calculated. Add equation data members for nonstationary regression (@lrcov, @contempcov, @lambda12cov) Correct for a problem with manual overrides of the time axis in graphs.

November, 2011

Added the @jprob data member for panel GMM equations. Enabled vertical scrolling on the output edit field of the state space maek state series dialog. Added support for wildcard handling in the command line version of the resample procedure from groups. Fix for a bug in cumulative total calculation in cumulative eigenvalue summary of Factor estimation. Added the ability to access additional data from FRED. Fixed a bug with suppressed errors during COM Automation use. Improved the coefficient uncertainty component of forecast standard error calculations for equations with ARMA terms. A term that was previously being approximated is now being calculated exactly.

October, 2011

General stability update. Fix for a bug in TSLS estimation with ARMA terms whereby the starting values were always set to user-specified. Fix for a bug when saving tables to disk and specifying a range to be saved. Fix the model control procedure to correctly handle excludes based on actuals (actexist=t). Allow model control procedure to skip past periods where the control variable has been excluded from the model. Fixed crash that occured during file import. Also addressed general stability issue.

September, 2011

Fix for a bug that could cause EViews to crash when opening workfiles where the sample is set using the @obs function.Fix for a bug that could cause EViews to crash when commenting tables in a program. Fix for not saving the ncases in the case of GLM. Fix for Tobit forecasting in special circumstances.Fix for a bug that could affect formulas based upon database links after a database link refresh.

August, 2011

Fix to the @rsumsq function. Added support for @rowranks. Printing from spool via user interface changes table print size in print setup. Stop fetches prior to 1950 in Datastream (new interface). Fix when using the ‘extract’ command from a spool if a space is after the object name. Added navigation support via the keyboard to default spool view. Fix for a crash that could occur when fetching certain series that originated in a Datastream database. Improvement in subroutines where one of the passed in arguments was a group.

July, 2011

Fix for a bug in forecasting from PARCH equations with a fixed power parameter of 2. Fix routine to allow generation of residuals for a static (no leads, lags, differences) DOLS specification in the single equation cointegrating regression estimator. Fix for a crash that could occur when issuing the spool.save command with incorrect syntax. Fix for a bug in reading .XLSX files with missing dimensions parameter. Fix for a crash that could occur when opening Excel files with sheets containing just graphs. Fix for a crash that could occur when fetching graphs from a database. Fix for a bug whereby model solution output could report that NAs were generated, even though the final solution values were non-NA. Fix for a bug caused in a recent patch that stopped certain VEC restrictions from being allowed.

June, 2011

Fix for the "^" character not working in the command window under certain keyboard language settings. Fix for read only access to FAME server databases. Fix for a bug in ordered equations whereby certain procedures would corrupt the coefficient vector. Fix for a bug in multivariate GARCH correlograms when produced via the command line. Improvment to cointegration tests to allow lag pair specifications via the command line. Improvement to restricted VEC estimation to allow restrictions on the constant term for models with a Deterministic Trend Specification of 2) or 4). Change to @pagefreq so that it reports a simple "W" for pages that have a weekly frequency but do not start on a Sunday. Fix for a bug in multivariate GARCH graph labelling. Fix read/write mode errors occurring when FAME databases were accessed from a server. Fix detection of MA backcast stability for some cases. Fix ambiguity in parsing of options in freeze command for certain views. Improve accuracy of numeric derivatives in state space models. Improve error message when trying to perform testing using an equation estimated with a random dependent variable.

May, 2011

Fix for a bug that prevented the @source object data member from working. Improved handling of excel files with sheet names containing commas. Fix to to Stock-Yogo test to correct a typo in Yogo's name, and to add critical values for equations estimated by LIML. Fix for a rare crash that could occur in the Quandt-Andrews test for equations estimated with ARMA terms. Fix for loss of precision during MA estimation for some cases where coefficients on one or more MA lags have been constrained to zero (eg. MA(1) MA(5)) and backcasting is enabled. Fix for minor calculational error in ARCH analytic derivatives. Fix to a bug in the Liml estimation routine that could cause a singular matrix error. Added a clearhistory command to objects to clear their history. Change to ensure EViews follows the Spreadsheet Data Display global option settings for ‘Thousands Separator’, ‘Comma as Decimal’ and ‘Parens for Negative’ when importing external data containing a fixed number of decimal places. Improved EViews' ability to import numbers formatted with European style delimiters (comma for decimal place, dot for thousands separator) in text and html data. Fix for a bug that caused the pagestruct(regular) command to stop working. Fix for a bug that would cause the deletion of existing files when trying to save over a non-supported file type. The EViews OLEDB driver was changed to prevent lockups during installation/registration. Changed the way EViews registers its own files on a 64-bit machine (to prevent false success messages). Fixed a bug that caused EViews to crash when running a program upon startup that quit EViews upon completion. Fix for a rare crash that could occur during string manipulation in programs. Change to the pagedelete command so that it no longer takes you to the first page of the workfile after deleting a page. Fix for a bug in the patch installer that could lead to the deletion of the EViews executable. Fix for a bug that stopped the displayname command for graphs from working. Fix for a bug that could cause a number of routines called from within subroutines from working properly.

April, 2011

Fix for an issue with EViews 7.2 that would prevent it from creating EViews 6 databases. Fix for performing unit root and co-integration tests when EViews has been installed in a directory containing foriegn characters. Integration of IHS Magellan data. See Help->READ ME, and then navigate to the "EViews 7.2 Update Features" section for more details. Improvement to the automatic panel detection routines during data imports. Fix for a bug in Excel-style stacked bar charts. Fix for a crash that could occur in the equation.@varlist data member when the equation's variables were no longer in existance. This affected many add-ins. Change to graph templates to allow axis and legend changes to be part of the template. See here for more information. Fix to multi-graph positioning, whereby changes in column or row numbers would not imediately update.

March, 2011

Fix to unit root tests involving trends in intra-day workfiles. Fix for rare drag and drop issues in certain copies of Windows XP. Change to @pagecount function to return 0 in cases where no workfile is open. Fix to the delete(noerr) command. General stability update. Fix to pool cointegration tests that would not work if cross-sections had no valid data points. Change to the @isvalidname and @makevalidname functions so that they no longer require a workfile to be open. Removal of the "512" error message.

February, 2011

Fixed an issue with the OLEDB driver using more than one concurrent license at a time. Improved kernel density estimation in graphs at the tails. Fixed a bug that caused pagestacking to incorrectly stack non-cross-section data in non-alphabetical panels. Improved @MSE type functions so that they now support series-links as well as series. Fix for a bug that would cause EViews to not recognise square brackets [] with commas as word separators. Increased the maximum length of the text you can enter as the variables in a heteroskedasticity test via dialog. Fixed a bug involving interpolation of quantile values in automatic (Silverman) bandwidth calculation for kernel density estimation. Improved compatibility with Fame 10. Fix for a bug that was not placing information on the clipboard following a "cut" operation in a spreadsheet or table view. Added verification of login information prior to displaying the Datastream database window. Improved handling of workfiles with a large number of complicated page links. Improved ARCH estimation optimisation routine to prevent halts due to numerical errors. Improved reading of Excel files with unicode characters for missing values. Fix for an issue that could prevent equity indices series beginning with '@:' from being fetched from Datastream. Fix for certain machine hardware not being recognised during registration. Fix for a bug introduced in the previous patch that led to all database types being given the Datastream interface. Fix for the import command so that it now correctly recognises the @freq keyword. Improved backwards compatibility for certain workfiles between EViews 7 and EViews 6. Fix for model solves where EViews was not correctly recognising endogenous variables on both the left hand and right hand side of equations. Syntax highlighting fix when using the delete key. Implementation of new DataStream Dataworks database.

January, 2011

Change to prevent the series window from opening when using series.sort in a program. Fix for a crash that can occur when assigning to a table with an NA. Fix for an erroneous error message that can occur during ARCH estimation.

December, 2010

Fix for an erroneous error when calculating deviations from actuals in stochastic models. Fix for residual creation and residual based tests in Systems with a Param statement. Fix output display for ordered models to show limit points. Fix bug in command to save covariance matrix for the ordered models limit points. Fix bug in panel residual calculation in case where there are fixed effects and AR() terms. Change group object updating to ignore text inside quotes when converting to upper case.

November, 2010

Change to allow equations with only a PDL term as a regressor. Fix for obscure bug in Tramo/Seats that could cause NAs to appear in output series the second time Tramo/Seats was run. Fix for a bug in user-specified starting values in Factor Analylsis. Fix for a bug that prevented displaynames from printing properly in Spool objects. Fix for a crash that could occur when performing a paste special to a workfile and a paste format was not selected. Fix for a bug in the November 02 patch that could cause EViews to believe there is always a new patch available. Fix for a crash that could occur for installation on foreign language versions of Windows.

October, 2010

Fix for a crash that could occur during Ordered estimation. Fix to allow database queries involving conversion settings with allow NAs. Fix for a obscure bug in Factor estimation. Fix for a bug that could cause graphs based on intra-day data to have incorrectly labelled axis. Fix for an issue with registering EViews for use with DCOM on remote clients. Change to an error message when using Ommitted or Redundant variable tests on GMM equations in Panel Workfiles. Fix for a crash that can occur in LogL objects when the Update Coefs command is used. Fix to allow @convert to work on series links. Fix for a bug that gave erroneous error messages in the .fill command when filling a matrix by row.

September, 2010

Change to allow reading of foreign files with blank valmap values. Change to allow add-in documentation paths with mixed case. Change to allow certain matrix functions that result in scalar values to be assigned to scalar objects. Fix for a bug that caused some imported/opened files to have wrong date information. Fix for a bug that caused some imported/opened files to have wrong date information. Fix for a bug in the distmat command with comments.

August, 2010

Fix for crash that could occur when using Find/Replace when a large selection of text is highlighted. Fix for X12 when used in panel workfiles. Fix for post estimation tests in equations estimated by TSLS. Change to disallow non-linear estimation of count, binary, ordered and censored models. Fix for a recently introduced bug that could cause a crash when fetch sampling objects from a database. Fix for a workfile corruption that could occur when dragging and dropping cells within a table object. Fix to allow @pchy (and related) functions work in regular panel workfiles.

July, 2010

Fix to Quandt-Andrews test to fetch correct p-value for the LR statistics. Fix for an issue where EViews COM Automation Get method failed on retrieving values from a Text Object. Fix to allow the @subextract funtion to assign scalars into symmetric matrices. Adjustment to DF correction in long-run variance calculations with pre-whitening and a constant for symmertric kernels. Fix for long-run variance calculations to allow the "none" kernel setting. Fixes to graph templates. Extend the @elem function to allow @first and @last offset expressions. Fix equation string representation in tobit specifications. Fix invalid error message for the ordered estimator when there are no regressors other than the constant. Fix for a crash that occured when copying from one instance of EViews to another. Fix for a crash when importing from an invalid Excel sheet name. Fix to allow using of AUTOMDL in X12. Fix for a bug that incorrectly caused an Include statement to go to the EViews data directory rather than the running program directory. Fix for a strange error message that could occur when issusing certain commands regarding sample objects. Fix to the VAR lag length selection/test that could occasionally give a negative number error. Fix to allow Binary estimation to correctly calculated standardised residuals. Fix for Model stochastic simulation with coefficient uncertainty.

June, 2010

Miscellaneous other fixes. Fix so that "NAlabel" setting in Dated Data Tables is no longer ignored. Improvement to the Esc key in programs. Fix to allow long comments in programs. Fix for instrument summary in equations estimated by LIML. Fix for a bug that caused ordered estimation to stop working. Fix for bug that would cause inline division of a database series to fail. Fix for crash that occured when making derivatives from a linear equation estimated by list in panel workfiles. Fix for bug that caused system representations view to show the wrong values for coefficients.

May, 2010

Fix for a bug in the previous patch (May 11) that caused a number of statistical functions to issue erroneous error messages. Fix for a bug that would prevent the Chow and Quandt-Andrews tests from working in equations specified entirely from a group. Add new @datapath and @linepath functions. Increased the consistency in the way relative paths are treated in EViews. See the Whitepaper for more details. Fix for a crash that could occur with certain foreign data files. Change to the resample command to allow auto-series to be resampled. Various fixes to program subroutines.

April, 2010

Fix for a crash that can occur when opening an Excel file currently open in a copy of Excel on another computer. Fix for a bug that could prevent equations estimated with certain methods (count, binary, glm, censored) from forecasting properly. Change in the way that out of sample values were used in the calculation of kernels with pre-whitening in GMM models. Previously they were set to 0.0, now they're set to NA. Expanded the @recode and @iif functions to now work with scalars. Fix for DRIPRO. Note you must have Windows set to open new files in a new EViews session(Options->General Options->Windows Behavior) for DRIPRO to work. Fix for dialog sample issue in non-stationary regression in panel workfiles. Fix for home key not working in program editor when auto-indenting was set to off. Increase number of characters allowed for impulse response standard errors. Added new series.setconvert options ("v" - No down conversions, and "u" - No up conversions).

March, 2010

Fix for an obscure bug in graph shading. Fixed a bug caused by the 03/23 patch that added an option to DBCOPY. Added an option to DBCOPY to set the destination type. Fix for a bug that could cause some graphs saved as emf files to not display properly. Fix for a bug that could cause some graphs made from matrix objects to have incorrect freeze settings. Fix for a bug that could cause user-dialogs containing many radio buttons to behave strangely. Fix for a bug causing model compile errors with models containing named equations estimated by Ordered or Censored methods. Fix for a crash when opening certain graphs made in EViews 6. Modified behaviour when sending empty series to databases. Fix for a crash in certain model recompiles. Fix for a crash when estimating certain MA/SMA models. Fix for a bug the caused spreadsheet views to scroll inadvertently.

February, 2010

Fix for graph shading not being applied to multiple graphs via the menus. Fix for a crash in System White GMM. Fix for occasional crashes during the import command when working with undated data. Fix for a bug that could cause pages with certain alpha links being inaccessible. Fix for a bug that would prevent scalar objects from being fetched from pre-EV7 databases. Fix for a crash applying a non-valid case option to the XOPEN command. EViews now suppresses the displaying of the FAME app when fetching an illegal formula. Fix for a crash that can occur when calculating descriptive statistics with a sample that contains zero observations. Fix for a crash when editing the title font of a graph after applying a template. Fix for a crash when merging certain graphs. Fix for an error that caused table fonts to become very small. Improve error behaviour when calendar dates used in undated workfiles. Fix for workfile display filter not recognising live graphs as graphs. Fix for @wlookup not recognising live graphs as graphs. Fix for inability to launch the EViews Excel Add-in due to misreported licensing errors. Fix for inability to launch the EViews OLEDB driver due to misreported licensing errors. Fix for scrolling display bug in label view of series objects. Fix for a bug in the open foreign data dialog that would not let you set custom delimiters. Fix for a bug in setting cell fonts in a table containing mixed fonts. Added formula support for FAME databases.

January, 2010

Fix for graph shading not work on some irregular workfiles. Fix for crash when applying a non-valid contraction method on categorical graphs. Fix for incorrect dialog entry after clicking the Template button on a graph. Fix for draw command not working on a graph from within a program. Fix for a crash that can occur when opening the Index tab of the Help system. Increased the number of breakpoints tested in the Quandt-Andrews test by 1. Various fixes to the Quandt-Andrews and Chow tests. Fix for a crash that can occur when running the JBera test from a VAR or System. Fix for a crash that can occur when creating large user-dialogs. Fix for a crash when passing a large group in as the date series in a page re-structure. Fix for a crash involving links in corrupted pages.

December, 2009

Fix for a bug in the automatic updater.