EViews 8 Patch Installer

To determine if your installed EViews is out-of-date, you can compare the "build date" of your version of EViews with those posted below. Your version's build date is displayed when you select About EViews... from the EViews Help Menu.

The EViews 8.1 update executable may be used to update your currently installed EViews 8.0 or EViews 8.1 to the most recent shipping version. The update installer will not run unless you already have EViews 8 installed on your machine.

In most cases, the easiest way to update your copy of EViews 8 is to simply click on Help->EViews Update.

Current Update

September 8, 2015

  • Fixed equation compatibility issue with EViews 9

Prior Updates

August, 2015

Fix for crash in structural vars for certain (A, B) matrix restrictions. Fix for bug in forecasting in autoregressive Markov switching models. Fix for I/O problem with LogL objects. Fix for System ARCH exogenous variable parsing bug. Fix for zero line background setting in graphs not working from the dialog.

April, 2015

Fix for small R connectivity bug. Fix for group spreadsheets where if a cell was edited in place and the series was included more than once (ex: x and x(-1)) not all columns would be updated properly. Change to allow group ddrowopts proc to accept expressions for row and series numbers. Fix issue with Excel handling of dates prior to 1900. Improved error handling for invalid series in CEIC databases. Added clickable link to update available dialog to take user to appropriate patch info page. Fix for a crash that could occur with the @datepart function when only passing in one argument. Fix for zerolines from cmd line in (ex graph.axis(l) zerotop) not working. Improve dependency tracking for formulae defined using descriptive statistics with samples that depend on series. Updated CEIC default server path. Fixed issue with fetching of individual db files.

March, 2015

Do not allow multiple selection of files when we fetch from db since implementation hasn't been written Fix for crash that could occur when resaving a wf that had a group referring to an auto series that referred to a database object and division operator (group g 1/db::myseries) Made calling an invalid subroutine a critical error (programs will always stop) Changed the way EViews Help Host is used for 32-bit EViews running on 64-bit OS Better error checking on panel equation views that are not available. Fix for dialog problem with QML negative binomial count models. Fix for @regs keyword in X13 command being ignored. Fix to stop pasting in RTF and HTML. Fix for syntax highlighting not occuring after a paste. Fix paste issue in dialogs. Fix for crash in graph dialog if obs label font dilaog is displayed and then the 'quick fonts' page is selected. Fix for bug when closing a workfile that contains groups that refer to other groups.

February, 2015

Fix for double pasting issue

January, 2015

Fix for rare bug in copying large tables. Fixed OLE copy issues where when failing to create a specific clipboard format, other formats where not created either. Fix for WF filter dialog crash if ')' was typed into the search string. Fix for unit root test on a seasonal dlog. Fix crash that can occur in Pool AR estimation with many variables. Fix for Bloomberg and EIA database errors that could occur on machines with an operating system dd/mm/yyyy date format. Fix for distribution graphs not freezing properly. Fix pasting issue into dialog edit boxes when copying from tables Fix for Bloomberg database errors that could occur for some series on machines with an operating system dd/mm/yyyy date format

November, 2014

Fix for error when selecting file->export->tsd file export. Fix for model.@excludelist which had been always returning a blank string. Fix model.@overridelist() function to correctly handle scenarios that are not the currently active scenario. Enable 'lock aspect ratio' check box when saving graphs to PDF. Fix for bug in correlation computation for panel series covariances with unbalanced samples. Fix for various proxy server issues. Fix for X13 command line not processing the @X11 argument properly.

October, 2014

Fix possible problems with multithreaded evaluation when a series is overwritten with an expression containing a lead of itself. Stop crash that could occur if you try to sort a graph that cannot be sorted. Correction in labeling of Huber-White with expected hessian in output. Stop errors being generated if arguments to @wdelim, @wcross and @wsplit contain unmatched quotes or parentheses. Fixed bug in liml dialog that meant instruments were not being populated properly. Fix for graph 'axis' proc and 'all' was specified. The top axis was not being set (ie 'mygraph.axis(all) ticksnone'). Fix for a crash that could occur when creating a new workfiles if the "Display Button Bar" global option was not checked. Fix for not being able to overwrite an emf table file in the same EViews session. Fix for EIA connectivity issues. Fix for @daycount function inside expression sometimes generating errors. Fix for a crash that could occur when accessing non-positive members of the VECM coefficient vector. Fix for a bug in forecasting from Heckman selection models, where transformed Rho and Sigma were not being handled correctly.

September, 2014

EViews 8.1 release.

August, 2014

Fix for state space copying bug (parts of an object weren't being copied). Fix for a bug causing a program to not prompt for save even though it had been modified. Fix for a bug in switching regression caused by lagged endogenous variables in the probability specification.

July, 2014

Fix for a bug in panel estimation specified by group where the names were not properly expanded. Fix for a crash that could occur when using the graph transformation combo box. Fix for a crash that could occur in graph arrow drawing. Fix for a bug in the parsing of component ARCH models with variance regressors. Fix problem with variable names containing spaces within @keep and @drop lists not being correctly handled during foreign data import. Fix 'double quotes' option in ascii read dialog not being handled correctly. Fix for a crash that could occur with badly specified FRED series. Fix for a rare bug in evaluation of expressions containing both lags and leads in cases where the lead crosses the end of the workfile. Fix crash when import command with resize option used to read into a page other than the currently active workfile page. Fix Proc Make Likelihoods in multivariate arch for cases where there are variance regressors or asymmetric ARCH term. Improved start and end date specification handling in Datastream fetches. Fix to crashing bug in panel DOLS for reported case where many cross-sections are dropped due to insufficient observations.

June, 2014

Fix for a crash that could occur when objects are deleted in a program that has been exec'd by another program. Fix for crash when creating seasonal graph with "multiple overlayed lines" as seasonal type. Fix for a bug in table commands when using objects names to specify cell ranges. Minor fix for NA handling in markov switching with regressors in the transition probability specification. Fix for MATLAB 2013a to use EViews 8 without requiring EViews 7. Fix scrolling issues in the DPD Wizard dialog. Fix for svector.sheet and svector.table not working. Fix to previous fix for principal components matrix scores save options processing. Fix parse problem on quantile regression process coefficients view.

May, 2014

Fix 'Make Graph' procedure in model to follow global option settings for line widths. Fix for EViews calling itself repeatedly during component registration on systems with a particular UAC setting. Fix for IMPORT command to automatically include @id columns, even if @keep did not specify them. Fixed 'Read series by row' checkbox when reading in binary files. Fix for minor display issue in Copy Special dialogs. Fix problems with Exclude If Actuals Exist checkbox in Model Scenario Exclude dialog. Enable breakpoint testing on equations estimated via stepwise. Fix a crash that can occur when using the @grad keyword in a heteroskedasticity test on a non non-linear estimation. Fix problem with equation output table not showing ARMA polynomial roots if the real part of the root (but not the imaginary part) was exactly zero. (eg. regression with an MA(2) without an MA(1)). Added new @title data memberfor tables (returns the table title). Fix crazy error numbers being reported when problems like division by zero, log of negative number, etc. during linear estimation. Added support for new /programonly command line parameter that will run an EViews program while hidden and will automatically quit EViews once the program is complete. Fix to a bug in breaking estimation when the number of regimes is overspecified. Fix standard errors due to innovation uncertainty in static forecasts of equations with MA terms.

April, 2014

Fix for a critical bug introduced in the previous patch that prevented EViews from running on Windows XP systems. Fix for a crash that could occur when freezing a graph of an autoseries (e.g. log(x)). Fix for bug in the initialization of quantile regression parameters. Fix for crash that can occur in wfuse if the workfile doesn't exist. Fix for makesystem bug where we handle the dropped cross-sections if making a system from a pool that has been estimated. Fix for extraneous symbols appearing in error bar graphs if the symbol size is changed. Fix for a crash that could occur in ETS models with non-optimized states. Fix for switching regression causing a spurious error on estimation when there were bad coefficients in the coefficient vector even though we were going to use EViews starting values. Fix for incorrect rotated text locations when saving graphs to pdf. Fix for minor bug to parsing of t-stat pval option in unit root tests with AR spectral estimation. Updated add-ins and user objects to support local URLs for both the xml file and the actual AIPZ or UOPZ files.

March, 2014

Improve redrawing of the equation view of models during model compile. Fix occasional syntax errors during compile of large models. Fix for 'ddrowopts' proc incorrectly setting the dated data table filllcolor when one is not specified. Fix for bug in the computation of DW statistics in some panel estimators. Remove incorrect 'No workfile exists' message when copying out of a database window open in details view.

February, 2014

Improve performance of pagestack on workfiles with a very large number of objects. Remove text case translations in breakpoint least squares specifications which causes problems with post-estimation RESET testing. Fix for workfiles that could not be opened because of really long history strings. Fix for 'rightmargin' and 'topmargin' not working when saving tables to pdf. Fix for incorrect parsing of european date formats. For example 'myseries.setformat DDMMYYYY'. Adjust copy and paste out of cells formatted with European delimiters. Paste now uses European delimiters even on 'unformatted' paste. Copy now accepts (requires) European delimiters on incoming numeric data pasted into the spreadsheet. Fix to stop a crash when pasting a large amount of text into an expanded popup edit box. Fix for OLE function to handle the case where a hyperlinked workfile from Excel is clicked (instead of a linked/embedded OLE object). Fix bug whereby equations with an @ in the specification were not returning the correct command with the @command data member.

January, 2014

Improved dialog boxes for non-English versions of Windows 8. Improved window maximization setting handling by the optsave/optset commands. Added support for 'landscape' and 'portrait' options, to table 'save' command. Various fixes for bugs caused by a comment at the end of a program line. Fix bug in variance of long run ARMA impulse response calculation when user specifies shock size not equal to 1.0. Fix crashing bug in switching regression that occurred when initial estimation for parameter search failed. Fix to use appropriate sample when computing descriptive statistics for the dependent variable in panel DOLS models. Add dialog items to allow access to individual parameter estimates and covariances in grouped panel cointegrating regression models. Fix for a bug in system estimation with more than 100 equations with threading switched on. Fix for a caused by certain numerical evaluation errors not being caught in 64bit version of EViews.

December, 2013

Fix for an issue in NA/Infinity comparisons on 64bit versions of EViews with Intel compiling turned on. Fix error (caused by bad frequency conversion settings) when copying alpha series between pages. Fix for a rare crash that could occur in models with ARMA terms and missing values. Fix for incorrect reading of certain RATS files. Fix for a crash in BreakLS equation estimations. Fix for bug in user-specified break dates. Removed centered VIFs for equations estimated by BreakLS. Fix for a crash that could occur when creating huge tables. Fix a crash in graph saving to PDFs. Fix a crash when graphing empty groups.

November, 2013

Fix for bugs introduced in previous patch to the @makediagonal function. Fixed the wfclose [path] command to close the correct workfile if multiple workfiles are open. Removed erroneous Copy Special menu items.

October, 2013

Fix for a crash in @hcat and @vcat functions that could occur if one of the arguments caused an error. Improved @makediagonal function to accept single column matrices as an argument. Fix for a bug in sample displays on equations estimated on some unbalanced panels when using the @first or @last keywords in the sample. Fix for the White heteroskedasticity test for equations estimated with non-linear or ARMA terms. Improve the error messages for incorrect user-priors in BVARs. Improve positioning of data points in low frequency series inside mixed frequency line graphs. Fix for a memory leak in certain matrix functions when passing in a matrix function as an argument. Fix for a crash that could occur in the @convert function if the argument referred to an object that didn't exist in workfile. Fix for instability in principal components with single core machines. Added @builddate function that returns the EViews build date as a string Fix for a crash that could occur when accessing model.@olist or model.@overrides. Fix for a bug in @cmin and @cmax functions for matrices containing NAs.

September, 2013

Fix for panel DOLS cointegration estimation so that EViews better handles cases where cross-sections are dropped. Fix to ignore comments at the end of a line when using the spool.move command. Fix for 'out of memory' errors when attempting to print. Improved handling of database series names using a parenthesis. Fix a bug that prevented the Endogeneity test from working in TSLS. Fix for incorrect parsing of series classify by grid. Added error message when attempting to estimate breakls models in panel workfiles. Allow double underscore instead of single underscore in 'adjust' command. Fix for a bug in sample objects involving switching between date formats. Fix bug in equation.@coeflabels when regressors contain expressions. Fix for a bug that caused some workfile page tabs not to be shown. Fix for a bug in Proc->Make Model from certain BVAR estimations. Fix for missing weighting series when reentering weighted least squares dialog. Fix a bug in RCH code that was making some models estimation with BHHH fail with Near Singular Matrix errors. Improved Find option handling in programs. Fix for bug in element comparison operators when using rowvectors. Fix for ARCH-M ARMA forecast with transformation dependent variable. Fix issue with sorting of business day frequencies. Add support for 'page=' option to wfopen command applied to foreign database format (eg. tsd). Updated help system to use a different version of EViewsHelp.exe (now named EViewsHelp8.exe) that will allow it to run side-by-side with the one supporting EViews 7. Fix for wfclose(noerr) option not working if no workfile was open at all. Fix for bug in X13 causing some output series to not be outputted. Fix handling of NA option in some cases involving transposed data reads. Fix truncation of dates in Excel file reads in some cases when dates are being read as character data.

August, 2013

Fixed a bug that could cause very large system expressions to crash 64bit EViews. Fix for a bug that caused switching regression dialogs to not correctly read the sample specification. Fix for various minor Excel reading bugs. Fix for a bug that caused keyboard language settings to change when using dialog boxes. Fixed a bug in matrix.@dropcol. Added an @scenarios data member to models. Added error message to instrument summary when instruments are singular due to lack of obs. Added EMF format option to the table save command. Fixed an issue with insufficient observations causing an error in some summary stat calculations, which aborted the whole estimation. Fix for a bug in Proc->Make Model from Bayesian VARs. Fix bug in coefficient labeling for switching models with heterogeneous errors and more than one regime-specific regressor or AR term. Change of behaviour of Series.ipolate (or Proc->Interpolate) so that it only interpolates internal missing values (i.e. does not perform extrapolation). The behaviour now lines up with previous versions of EViews.

July, 2013

Fix for a crash that could occur when loading certain workfiles. Prevent error being incorrectly reported when 'Report evaluation errors in statistical views and procs' option is on and autoseries contain relational operators applied to NA values. Fix for a bug in X-13 when specifying certain user-regressor types from the dialog. Fix a bug in the table.save 'scale' option. Fix for Q-stat not accounting for lagged regressors and sometimes inappropriate reporting of p-values. Minor fix in ARCH estimation. Fix copying of alpha series between two panel workfiles using 'copy' command so behaviour matches up with simple drag and drop. Fix for a crash in quantile regression when working with huge datasets. Fix for a bug when setting the label properties of a model object via command. Fix for a bug that caused certain dated data table options to not be saved. Fix for a minor bug in matrix.@col and matrix.@row functions returning the wrong columns/rows. Fix for a bug causing X13 to fail when forecasting with user-defined regressors.

June, 2013

Improved performance of storing a large number of objects to an open database. Fix for copy bug when copying into multi-dimensional panels. Added "usecolor" option for copying graphs via OLE. Fix for a bug causing @uilist to give incorrect return values when used with string selections. Improve handling of database object names containing spaces in fetch command. Fix truncation of descriptions when freezing 'partial details' list window view eg. model variable view. Fix problems with results not displaying correct and/or crashing when results returned from Macrobond database browser window. Fix to stop EViews from crashing if EViews cannot write to the specified directory when outputting a graph to a PDF file. Fix bug with description field not being copied by 'copyattr' command. Add support for workfile/page names (as for copy command). Fix to stop the ""Changes have been made. Do you want to update the Group?" dialog from appearing when the 'updategroup' button is pressed in the button bar. Fix some problems with double clicking on object in wfcompare results window. Fixed bug where the proxy server information was not being filled. Fix to prevent EViews from deleting the preexisting output file during a write error. Fix for graph arrows disappearing after small mouse drag. Added 'Online Tutorial' menu items to help menu. Item opens the EViews online tutorial webpage. Fixes to single equation forecast code when forecasting standard errors of expressions. Improved logic to decide when to display outline bars in bar graphs. Fix problem with requests for invalid data members from systems.

May, 2013

Fixed a bug where saving of non-standard series in X-13 via command was not working. Fixed a bug where freezing a graph that was using '% change year' transform into a live graph, the transformation would be '% change' in the live graph. Increased maximum size of graphs in PDFs. Change to the spool.save command to preserve the case of the supplied file name. Fix issue with model stochastic simulation in panel workfiles where arma errors were not being properly reset at the beginning of each cross section. Fix for a bug in Tobit forecasting. Fix for a bug in the model.solveopt(w=f) command. Fix in markov switching forecasting where the forecast period is not the same as the beginning of the estimation period. Improvement to copy and pasting from spools.

April, 2013

Fix for outdated HFETCH command to work on 64bit EViews. Fixed crash in pan serial correlation test for equations where inst wgt had not been saved. Add option processing for user specified bandwidths to histograms. Fix bug in option processing for series.classify where @ args were not correctly handled. Fix for problem whereby programs were not asking to save when edits had been made prior to closing. Fix for an issue causing page tabs to scroll off the screen. Change to allow foreign characters to be used in smart-edit fields. Fix for a bug that could allow equations with AR terms and pagelinks from not estimating properly. Fix for a bug that did not set programs to prompt for save when closing. Fix for a bug that could cause the @pval data member on equations from erroneously erroring. Fix for a crash that could occur when loading extremely large data files. Change to allow the Excel Add-in to work when mixing 32bit and 64bit versions of EViews and Excel. Fix for a crash that could occur when navigating through spool objects. Added "Paste" right mouse button option to new smart edit fields. Fix for a bug not allowing copy and paste from spool objects. Improved handling of Panel SAR estimation. Fix for issues when opening up dated data tables created in EViews 7. Added F12 hotkey for equations (brings up the estimate dialog), graphs (brings up the graph options dialog) and models (brings up the solve dialog). Changed menu hotkeys (Alt-p for Proc, and Alt-t for Options). Fix for bug in displaying the active workfile tab. Fix for date header not being written during an export in cases where date series is in the workfile, but not in the @keep list Fix for crash when changing options on certain Multiple Graphs. Fix for a bug in arrow drawing on graphs which prevented vertical lines being drawn. Fix for incorrect calculation of certain descriptive statistics on lagged series in a group in a panel workfile with individual samples. Fix to allow EViews 8 to read certain very old workfiles. Fix for @row and @col data members of matrices to allow retrieval of the last row/column. Fix for an issue in models where by the exclude field in endogenous equation properties was not being set properly.

March, 2013

Fix crash during update of existing Excel file when Excel unable to save modified workbook. Improve performance of large updates to existing Excel files when using byrow (transposed) option. Fix problems with EViews not switching to using new database object name aliases after optset command. Fix intermittent crashes when using object name popup list in a program window. Fix cases where enter key not being treated as ‘OK’ in some dialog fields. Fix problem where name= option of importattr fails to find the specified series when the series has a different display name. Add trim="string" option to importattr to allow trimming of leading and trailing characters from attribute names before importing. Change handling of expressions d(y,0) and dlog(y,0) to make them equivalent to y and log(y). Fix for incorrect line widths when saving graphs to PDF. Fix for various Census X-12 issues. Fix for a bug in program for/while loop control with multiple errors. Fix for a crash when a program that is already open in its own window is Exec'd by another program. Fix for a bug that prevented equations with multiple PDL terms from estimating. Fix for a bug that caused the Heckman Selection options dialog to crash EViews. Fix for a crash when editing table properties. Fix for minor bugs in option saving for switching regression models. Add new data members to models '@stochastic' and '@identity' to return a space delimited list of the endogenous variables associated with either stochastic equations or identities. Fix for minor bugs in saving panel principal components. Fix for a bug in PDL output display where the first character of the PDL variable was being dropped. Updated welcome screen display for 120DPI Windows settings. Prevent user from creating custom object attributes with a name exactly the same as a built-in attribute. Fix for crash on panel graphs where none of the cross sections contain any non-missing observations. Fix for a bug that prevented the X-13 options errlog and savespec from working.

February, 2013

Give table procs which take in a cell range (setfont, setfillcolor, setwidth, etc), the ablility to handle expressions. For example, SetFont( 1+2 ) b . Fix for bug System GMM automatic bandwidth calculations.