EViews 9.5 Patch Installer

To determine if your installed EViews is out-of-date, you can compare the "build date" of your version of EViews with those posted below. Your version's build date is displayed when you select About EViews... from the EViews Help Menu.

The EViews 9.5 update executable may be used to update your currently installed EViews 9.0 or 9.5 to the most recent shipping version. The update installer will not run unless you already have EViews 9.0 or 9.5 installed on your machine.

In most cases, the easiest way to update your EViews 9.5 License is to simply click on Help->EViews Update.

Current Update

Patch Date : November 1, 2018

  • Fix for extraneous rows when pasting from Excel on a Mac.
  • Fix incorrect computation of the number of stochastic trends and associated p-value in Engle-Granger tests for cointegration when computed from a group where the specification includes user-specified deterministics in the cointegrating equation.
  • Fix for a bug in calculation of MIDAS residuals in models with mulitple high frequency regressors.

Prior Updates

February, 2018

Fix for problem with unit root automatic t-stat lag selection in some settings where pre-sample observations are available. Fix for structural ARMA forecast instability. Fix program possible crash with nested subroutines. Fix for crash w/ modified embedded OLE table objects. Fix for WFREFRESH bug which cleared out any custom attributes in the destination series. Fix for a bug where smbios wasn't being expressed completely. Fix for breakpoint unit root parsing of selection method using trend specifications. Fix for crash when updating a series linked to a secondary panel workfile. Fix COM string bug that was introduced in previous patch.

October, 2017

Fix for a bug in weighted leverage calculations. Fix for a bug where converting between frq_daily7 to frq_daily5 would put NAs into the monday value. Fix for sporadic Bloomberg "datetime" error.

September, 2017

Fix labeling of omitted/redundant variables tests. Add version error checking for historical decomposition estimated with older versions of EViews. Fix scaling computation in display summary statistics. Fix to intermittent crash in weighted covariances. Fix bug in resample when there are no observations in the input or output samples. Fix bug that could cause crash when entering a long series name in the group edit dialog.

August, 2017

Fixed bug where floating Command window still appears when EViews is launched via COM (hidden) Group Edit Members dialog now allows more characters Fixed AIPZ double-click issue when "Run programs on EViews startup" is not set Fixed occasional issue with zero printer margins in non-graph output Fixed crash that happened when solving a model with no equations Fix for possible missing flyover labels in mixed graphs Group objects that contain linked series can be updated from context menu Fix for a crash in DH panel causality test in panels with more than two dimensions Improved x13 user variable error handling Updated COM interface for reading Table objects to skip rows/cols at end of table that have no data

July, 2017

Fix for DH causality not working via command. Fix for multi mixed graph dialog crash. Fix for mismatch in graph display of state space series in some irregular dated workfiles. Fix for program windows not updating when auto completion is on. Synchronized the group members view font with the in place edit control font. Fix for possible missing graph when using graph carousel. Fix for abug that caused equation.ubreak to not read user-specified variable list.

June, 2017

Updated CEIC to import series remarks. Fix for line objects containing text in graphs not resizing after modifying text. Fix for InPlaceEdit positions when a group members view is scrolled. Fix crash when loading frozen graphs containing time based draw objects. Fix for ESC key not clearing the command line. Added checks for illegal Windows filenames. Fix for command strings containing '%' were getting the following character uppercased. Fix for crash when loading graph text objects which do not have a font. Fix for a crash that could occur in VAR forecasting without forecast evaluation. Fix for @svd to decompose matrices with fewer rows than columns. Fix for incorrectly disabled series window proc menu/addin items. Added .ecreg view command for ARDL equations.

May, 2017

Fix for bad command capture for VAR impulse and variance decomposition. Fix for frmls which don't always update with changes in underlying series. Fix for ARDL EC term when variables have zero lag. Removed t-Bounds test under inappropriate cases. Improvements for specfun (handling of NA, +inf, -inf arguments). Fix for a GUI bug where selecting a freq conversion method on Paste was not remembered after clicking Yes to All.

April, 2017

Fix for a bug in VAR forecast evaluation statistics with transformations to underlying series. Fix for a slight bug in autoarma ic calculations. ARDL estimation and diagnostics re-designed. Improved custom color handling by the graph color dialog. Improve error handling when automatic lag selection regressions fail in breakpoint unit root testing. Fix for incorrect sample processing in panel FMOLS estimation where a cointegrating variable is specified as a lag. Fixes for IMPORT & COPY. Fix for Mac version not displaying the Paste special dialog in a workfile window. EViews version now displays on Registration dialog. Added command capture for initial/final state/cov. Fix for crash if a graph draw object (rect, ellipse, etc) is double clicked in a XY graph. Fix for a crash when switching frozen graphs from multi graph to non-multi graph and vice versa. Fix for an issue with incorrect graph type selected in the frozen graph type dialog. Fix for wfcompare bug. Modified ECM regression and output. Added error correct regression view to ARDL models. Fix for a type validation bug involving string concatenation within genr expressions. Fix for crash if an object from the group members view was dragged to a workfile window. Fix for missing series names on group members edit dialog.

March, 2017

Fix for a bug with the mac lite version not copying table data to the clipboard. Fix for incorrect command capture in model.solveopt. Fix for a crash when previewing a database graph that contains no data. Improve sample handling of @expand variable exclusions in redundant variables tests so that estimation and post-estimation test samples match. Fix for an issue using db aliases containing spaces in expressions. Add @init_state, @final_state, @init_statecov, @final_statecov data member access functions to allow retrieval of these results from a state space object. Fix for a bug in GroupMatrix resize. Fix for dated data table crash. Fix for the stochastic model options not allowing a failed repetition percentage all the way up to 100%. Fix for a crach on group members view window after a drag and drop event. Added support for new dropbox api. Fix for Excel COM not reporting an error when saving to a read only xls file.

December, 2016

Fix for a bug caused in a previous patch that stopped X-13 from producing output with user-spec files. Fixed issue where the default database would not change if EViews was minimized. Fix for a crash that could occur in model.@spec for non-compiled models. Fix for a crash when the VAR procedure "makecoint" is invoked inside a program and is not provided a group name. Fix for a bug with userobj add button adding the same element twice. Fix for user specified graph text objects not lining up. Fix for an issue with graph datelabel proc ignoring case. Fix to X-13 to allow no seasonal adjustment when issued from the command line. Fix restrictions on Markov switching forecasting in broken samples. Fix to stop 0 pt font heights in tables. Fix for a bug in X-13 with user defined variables not extended beyond range of workfile. Fix for a crash when attempting to view less than 2 years of data in a seasonal graph and a transform applied. Added 'sort' proc to alpha series. Changed import command capture to not use @freq if the import method is sequential read. Fix for ignored periods on foreign systems in Fred databases. Fixed bug with graph datelabel interval setting not handling lower case commands.

November, 2016

Added ‘setfont’ proc to spools. Changed spools to use the table font for the title and comments when saving to rtf. Removed extraneous empty line with rtf spools saves containing titles or comment. Fix for spreadsheet focus issue with the right mouse button. Made graph zooming via the mousewheel based on the 'Enable zoom' setting. Fix for a bug in some summary statistic calculations on MIDAS regressions with missing high frequency data. Modified ARDL cointegrating form behavior in relation to dynamic regressors with no chosen lags. Fix for model.scenlist bug.

October, 2016

Fix for a bug that caused model.scenlist to not work. Added option to disable graph zooming on a single graph. Fix to allow for transparent graphs when saving from a spool. Various x13 input file changes. Fix for multi graph crash when the graph dialog is displayed Fix for crash in EViews functions where vectors/matrices were expected (ie matplace, etc). Improved graph labelling behavior. Fix for a crash activating the button bar. Fix incorrect coefficient name in by-list equations. Fix for import of a dated panel into an existing workfile crash. Improved labeling of switching output for expected duration graphs. Improved line rendering when saving tables to PDF. Improved multi-byte command processing. Fix for incorrect refresh bug when copying series. Fix for a bug incorrect PAGESTRUCT capture command where crossid and date didn't have a space in between. Fix for NAs not reading properly in Fred databases.

September, 2016

Fix for an issue that caused uncorrect ARDL Bounds test critical values to display for k>10. Fix for Google Drive crash when opening a google doc created text file. Fix for docked window focus issues. Fix for a bug in Database Registry to display search status. Fixed issue where models were not remembering add-factor assignment if add-factor assigned to a variable in a child model. Fix for incorrect behavior of popup menus on dockable windows. Fix for inability to fetch series from non default magellan banks after performing a query. Fix to ignore problematic proxy pac files when fetching from EIA databases. Fix for problem in model equation linking. Fix for fetch command capture not including freq conversion method. Fix for crash when adding new database to registry. Fix for @convert when a string is passed in for the sample. Fix for bug in handling of analytic derivative computation in NLS models with partial analytic derivative calculation. Fix for a crash that can occur when estimating MIDAS equations with groups in the low-frequency specification. Fix for a bug with dualmode.com when used with a full path. Display more command line parameters that can be used with EViews. Fix for bugs with /showlicense and /clearlicense. Fix for registering unlimited lab licenses. Bloomberg fix on some foreign systems (fetch “vix index”) Improved error handling for missing objects in FAME databases. Fix for preview window crash with irregular workfiles. Fix initialization of forecast standard errors for dynamic models with no ARMA terms. Change singularity test for @issingular to match @rank. Added support for case sensitive dated data table row labels. Fix for crash when saving graphs to a cloud drive. Fix in general options dialog where the up and down arrows in the tree did not update the dialog. Fix for crash in group member view when dragging objects. Fix for incorrect list in database registry dialog when using 'Move to the top. Fix for copy command not working with Magellan databases.

August, 2016

Fix to ignore byte order marks in text files Fix for missing lag specifications group Edit Members view Added support for underline and strikeout in PDF output files Fix for an issue with ARDL Bounds test with squared terms. Change to prevent equation forecast evaluation statistics table to appear if no actuals data is available. Fix issue in @uimlist when no selections were made. Fix for @uifiledlg command bug Added new @RINSTR method (same as @INSTR but in reverse direction) Fix for d.f. in F-test for variance homogeneity with unequal samples. Fix to open cloud files via text.append command Added ability to disable daily REGCOMPONENTS check Fix for missing graph date label in undated workfiles starting at 0. Fix missing time scale label. Fix for a problem where 'Date Modified' for cloud files was being displayed incorrectly on browse dialog. Fix for a bug that was causing cloud text files updates not to be stored on the cloud location. Fix for command capture window text to be read only. Fix for inability to fetch series from non default magellan banks after performing a query, Fix to return empty series when querying from FAME databases. Fix for truncated string object when fetched from a aremos database. Fix for EViews database corruption when saving objects that have descriptions with unique words longer than 16 characters.

July, 2016

Fix for equation.makederiv crash when no name pattern is supplied. Fix for an incorrect intercept shift in model.reinclude(v). Fix output label for selected probability for breakpoint unit root test with known break. Improved graph stability when using the graph sizer. Added file type filtering option to @uifiledlg. Added multiline support to graph labels. Fixed bug that caused makecoint to fail from ARDL equations. Fixed cloud issue with filenames containing spaces in the file dialog. Fix for cloud file download error with empty files. Fix for cloud file download error when extension had upper case letters. Fix for cloud error caused when opening a text file. Fix for crash when saving graphs containing hatching patterns to PDF. Fix for incorrect date labelling command capture in graphs. Fix for black filled boxplots in PDF files. Fix for incorrect graph ‘datelabel’ and ‘backcolor’ command capture. Fix for Datastream fetches of series that have an ‘NA’ start date.

June, 2016

Fix for some MIDAS options to not be remembered. Fix for incorrect formula values when retrieved from a database. Fix for mixed frequency time scale issue in graphs Minor fix to X-13 dialog. Added custom frequency conversion options for MIDAS estimation. Fix for missing 'xybar' command capture for graphs. Fix for crash when switching from single to multiple graphs. Fix for malformed x-13 user var input files. Fix for incorrect date label in some graphs. Fix for printer options getting lost when options were entered a second time. Fix for ambiguous label in ARDL cointegrating and long run form table. Fix to disallow Markov switching models with time-varying transitions and gaps in the sample. Fix for index sort bug when performing a match merge with two src and dest index series. Fix for a crash when reading table objects that have duplicate colors in color table. Fix for model.printview via command to not work. Added ability for print view to evaluate scalar objects. Fix initialization of residuals for selected non-ARMA forecasts. Fix detection of nonlinearity in coefficients in a specific bilinear model specification. Fix for EViews database object read and writes in later versions. Fix excel import spreadsheet bug with sheet names containing spaces. Added a clearremarks method for objects. Improved error checking for VAR data members. Fix for an issue in group members view where a long name with spaces was being displayed in two lines. Fix for a crash that can occur when solving model with illegal appended objects. Fix for a crash caused after using object preview for a long time. Fix options processing for HAC Parzen kernel estimator to match documentation. Fix for incorrect data values stored on disk for sorted graphs. Added support for U-MIDAS weighting in MIDAS estimation. Fix a display bug in MIDAS optimization settings reporting. Fix malformed wmf graph files when written by the 64 bit version. Fix for auto selection on group members view when user types the first letters of the object. Connected find, replace to right mouse button menus in edit controls. Fix for a crash when using tramo/seats in 64-bit and eviews32.exe has not been properly registered. Fix for intermittent graph crash when more than 1 graph is open and using the transformation combo. Fix for Replace All not working properly when the replacement string also contains the search string. Fix for a crash in object preview for group objects that contained auto series with very long names. Added find and replace functionality to edit controls in dialogs. Fix for a bug in group members view where spaces were being removed incorrectly from auto series group members. Fix for crash if a graph arrow font is changed. Fix incorrect argument parsing in series commands @gammainc and @gammaincinv.

May, 2016

Increased EViews path length to 256 characters. Fix for Excel not prompting to save after import. Fixed maximum number of iterations processing in nonlinear system estimation. Fixed add-in syntax error if the first line is an assignment operation. Fix for System->Makeresids crash. Fix for possible crash in failed model solves. Fix for workfile window button bar paint issue after import and a string truncation error. Fixed VEC restrictions command capture bug. Fix for pool make resid crash. Fix to remove spurious error flags during Bayesian VAR priors option error checking. Force Datastream fetches to always fetch most recent values.

April, 2016

Fix for crash when opening a workfile with groups containing non-existant series. Added output labeling for ML-ARMA coefficient singularity. Added 'forcavg' series proc. Fix for a missing option on ETS smoothing command capture. Fix for forecast expression crash. Removed splash screen from Mac version. Fix for minor ARMA bug. Fix to allow pasting in dialogs (Mac version). Fix for table.copyrange crash where the source table is also the destination table. Fix for database fetches that would ignore quotes. Removed quotes from matrix @rowlabels and @collabels. Fix to give error when attempting to read unicode text file. Fix for Datastream end date conflict and support for complex fetches. Removed FAME database write speed slowdown. Fix for incorrect button bar for group members view. Fix for error when using the 'output' command without any options. Fix for sample offsets for irregular data for selected cases when the range pairs are outside of the data range. Changed TAR model selection graph from AIC to SSR. Fix for 'saveprgini' to accept names with spaces. Fix VAR forecast evaluation bug for non-alphabetically ordered endogenous variables. Fix for missing EViews Update menu option in mac version. Fix for 'apply to all' not working in graph line settings dialog. Improved window focus behavior after dialog is displayed. Improved switching regression dialog behavior in panel workfiles. Fix iteration options parsing for switching regressions with initial random coefficients. Fix for linked series not updating after a frequency conversion change. Fix for ignored f=na option and forecast sample in VAR forecast. Added support for additional Datastream frequency conversion method.

March, 2016

Fix for DFBetas saving incorrect series into workfile. Fix for graph string labels containing commas. Fix for incorrect graph line patterns via graph.addarrow. Improved multi graph stability where second graph has more series than the first graph. Added new USELOCALWFSAVE command to speed up network file saves. Fix for dated data table title crash. Fix for incorrect graph axis prefix command capture. Improved stability when the command and cmd capture window are outside of EViews frame. Disallowed page modification commands under a subroutine with local sample set. Fix for slow FAME database writes. Fix for a crash caused by autoremarks in State Space. Updated PDF documentation. Fix to allow EViews 9.5 to run on XP.

February, 2016

Fix for intermittent crash when closing EViews due to databases. Fix for multi-graph dialog crash where the second graph has more series than the first. Fix for incorrect initial mixed graph settings. Fix for mixed multi graph crash in panel workfiles. Fix for print dialog not appearing if a default printer is not set. Added ability to reset object preview window position via Window->Reset Window Layout. Fix for small table crash in spools. Fix for inconsistent f7-f12 key behavior in the command window. Updated help files.

January, 2016

Added command line options 'proportional' and 'native' to spool.save command when saving to PDF. Fix for crash that could occur if a table in a spool is made too small. Added @members attribute to live graphs. Fixed compare bug for database linked series objects. Fix for a bug in Heckman Selection that could cause coefficient estimates to be in wrong order. Fix for Heckman 2-step estimation bug where sample if conditions were ignored in first step. Fix for Chow test bug in equations estimated by TSLS by list. Fix for incorrect importing of columns marked as "do not import". Fix for importing data into a panel workfile. Bloomberg fix on foreign systems when fetching series with start date.

December, 2015

Added @builddatestr function that returns the EViews build date as a string. Added support for 'rotate' option to mixed graphs (ex. x.mixed(rotate)). Fix for incorrect graph text objects placement (in virtual inches) when the time axis is vertical. Fix problem in initialization of series in VAR makeresids proc. Fixed bug with importtbl and importmat when user specified a path that had a space in it. Fixed bug where importing objects on a specific page of an existing workfile failed to record the page name in the captured import command. Fix for typing object names in listwindows not getting selected. Missing period in command capture in text representation of VAR makeendog proc. Fix to allow the reading of EV8 files containing equations that were written using builds made on or after 7/2/15 and before 9/8/15. Added new /proxyregisterlicense command line option for registering seat licenses via a proxy server. Fix for graphs 'display graph data' not working properly. Fix for crash when text.@line is called on an empty text object. Added currency support when fetching from Datastream Dataworks servers (ex: USEXPGDSB~~EUR). Fix for lines not appearing on top in mixed band and area graphs. Fix default argument handling "(type=root)" in ARMA structure view. Fix for crash if user double clicked in database header area. Changed the GHM test critical value (from 4.321 to 4.231). Fix for incorrect values when importing into a panel via the entire import wizard. Fix for inconsistent cell string truncation when saving tables to an external file. Fixed importtbl and importmat bug when an explicit path was specified. Fix for missing foreign characters at the end of a custom object attribute. Added proper frequency detection for FAME series starting prior to 1850. Added ability to initialize FAME settings. Fix to automatically fetch forecast data from Datastream DWE database.

November, 2015

Added ability to enable/disable access to Cloud and Http files. Disabled graph panning and zooming in pie graphs. Fix problem with using new optimizers for ARCH equations with ARMA errors and partial analytic derivatives. Fix for regression table generation crash. Fix for crash when switching the graph update condition to 'update when underlying data changes...'. Fix for possible wf window object filter crash. Clear the workfile selection whenever a new filter is applied. Improved unlink behavior when breaking series links. Improved workfile paint performance when using the manage links dialog. Increased error reporting in manage links dialog. Fix for bug where the equation covariance option was sometimes lost on save to disk. Fix for incorrect matrix labels in multi graphs. Fix for model.update not working. Fix for EViews locking out when an error occurs while using the graph sizer. Fix for improper pool.makestat behavior. Modified EViews messaging system. Added equation recursive least squares command capture support. Fix for equation.RLS(c) command not working. Repositioned dockable windows in Mac version. Fixed problem with mousewheel zoom in graphs. Improved zooming in panel graphs. Changed command capture option dialog text. Fixed object preview issue when switching from a transformed alpha_series. Fixed DB object preview date display issue. Suppressed import dialog after refreshing links in the student version.

October, 2015

Turned off group refresh functionality for formulas that a contain database object reference. Fix for a bug in UNLINK that caused the very last formula object that referred to a particular database object reference to become cleared of all values. Fixes to forecasting equation from panel, and handling of forecast options for ARFIMA models. Not allow structural forecasting for ARFIMA. Fixed workfile navigation issues when using the keyboard and sorted by something other than name. Fix for a bug in @CLEAR series proc where formula object still looked like a formula after being set to numeric. Fix for a bug that caused using the @elem function on a group member to not work correctly. Fixed bug in WFCOMPARE where "list=" options were not working properly. Added support for nomult option in ETS smoothing proc. Fix for erroneous error that could occur in auto-log decision of autoarma proc. Added @smape function to calculate symmetric mean absolute percentage error between two series. Enabled variable popup for categorical graph dialog 'within' and 'across' edit controls. Fix for listwindow paint issue where last object was painted more than once. Fix for panel testing for fractional integration. Fix for a bug that caused the save=fcst option for saving ARIMA forecasts to not work properly in X-13. Fix for a bug in heteroskedasticity tests for equations specified by expression, resulting in a "Insufficient observations" error. Fix to allow unlimited extrapolation for Denton, CL, Litterman interpolation. Fix for incorrect behavior when converting a non-mixed graph to a mixed graph via the graph dialog. Fix for a bug in object preview causing a crash when object History attribute was too long. Defaulted graph.addtext position to 0,0, if a postion was not specified. Added new nobject preview implementation (supports panel and irregular workfiles). Fix for graph text object crash. Added support to preserve the series and group spreadsheet titles. Fix for crash if object filter returned zero results. Suppressed sample window appearing right after creation in an EViews program. Fixed issue where "manage add-ins" and "download add-ins" wasn't appearing when using a 90S license. Fixed issue with mixed graphs. Fix for matrix col labels not appearing when creating multi graphs.

September, 2015

Fix for a bug that caused Ctrl+J command history to not appear correctly. Improved spool.save proc to handle quoted filenames and trailing spaces (e.g. %s="test", spool1.save %s 'comment). Fix for a bug in multigraphs causing incorrect placement when a text object is dragged from one graph to another. Fix for a bug in optsave and optset commands not working if there was a space and comment after the file specification. Added support for the 'noid' option for pagesave and wfsave from the command window. Fix for a bug in mixed freq graphs containing more than 2 series. Fix to prevent series autoformatting from occuring after a format has been set via 'setformat' but before the window has been displayed. Fix for a bug in @rsum function on open of workfile. Fix for a rare crash with excel import. Fix for a bug with copying a linked series object by value to overwrite a pre-existing linked series object causing it to remain linked. Fix for a bug that could cause a crash when using page links that are invalid. >Fix for a bug that caused the frequency conversion dialog to open without remembering previous value. Update to allow frequency conversion (link) dialog to use cubic first, linear first, point first and last expansion option. Fix for a crash when using the Find dialog in edit controls if the replace string is greater than 80 characters. Fix for a bug that caused incorrect legends in multilayered XY graphs. Fix for a divide by zero bug in workfile compares. Fix for crash if you close EViews while a database is open. Update to support blank convert_hilo and convert_lohi values in the workfile. Added new excel reading verification. Fix for relative path problems with IMPORTTBL and IMPORTMAT. Fix rare incorrect cancellation in autoarma when using MSE as model selection criteria. Fix for EdxEIA crash. Fix for graph 'addtext' proc not working in panel workfiles. Fix for a bug for group multi-graph view where EViews was crashing intermittently after opening graph options. Change for serial correlation LM test to use uncentered R^2. Fix for bug in ETS smoothing that could cause crash. Fix for crash if you open the database registry dialog, cancel and then perform a query on the database. Fix Paste Special bug where match wasn't being remembered correctly when clicking the Yes to All button . Fix for a bug with copying a linked series from one workfile to another (by value) resulting in a formula. Update to support blank convert_hilo and convert_lohi values in the workfile. Fix for a display issue in sample objects where case was not being preserved. Fix for bug in @inlist function ignore quoted strings. Fix for crashing graph of lag of series in group. Fix for an import bug that failed to load strings properly. Added online help menu item.

August, 2015

Fix for a bug in certain expression parsing. Fix for a bug with import to new workfile while untitled already exists. Fix for a bug user using numeric indexes in matrix that has row and col labels. Fix for a crash that can occur in Make Group from variables view of a Model. Fix for System arch starting values output labeling redundancy. Fix for tex specific options not working when saving tables via command (ex 't.save(t=tex, -texspec) x.tex'). Fix for a bug in impulse response matrix output. Fix for crash in structural vars for certain (A, B) matrix restrictions. Fix for dated data template not loading series specific transformations from the UI. Fix for graph text objects not being draggable. Also changed graph text object height calculation. Add options for turning off MA backcasting for ARCH equations. Fix for some wonky dialog interactions in the System estimation options page. Frequency conversion menu changes for Global Options and series Properties. Fix for a crash that could occur in autoarma forecasting if forecast length falls off end of workfile. Fix for a bug that caused PAGECOPY to fail. Fix for a bug when copying series object over an existing linked series object and it remaining a linked object. Fix for a minor bug in forecast averaging dialog. Added commandcap command to send text to command capture window. Fix for a crash that can occur in breakpoint unit root testing.

July, 2015

Prevent paste link for up conversions, except for when copying and pasting to the same workfile (different page). Fix for calculation of MSE weights in forecast averaging. Fixed crash with fetching all items from a database to a new workfile. Improve forecast averaging dialog. Fix for SetGlobalC not working in programs. Minor output fix for breakls. Fix a crash that can occur when merging cells in a table. Bugfix fo adjustment factor in scaled Pesaran LM test. Fix crash caused by referencing matrix elements by named object. Added seed option (seed=num) to autoarma random starting values. Added ability to save stats from forecast evaluation routines (testname= and statname= options). Improved font accuracy when saving graphs to pdf. Fix for crash when using default graph procs from the command line. Fixed bug with freq conv using linear first that didn't include available data at end points of destination. Fix for rare numerical error in ets smoothing. Fixed bug when copying db link series by value and getting another link. Fixed bug with copy options dialog : 'Do not show me these options' was being forgotten between EViews restarts. Fix to forecast bug when forecasting from database series with double quotes in the series name. Fix for .@thresholds to stop skipping the first threshold value. Improve linear ols options dialog to hide the Hessian option for computing the information matrix estimate. ARMA command bug and dialog fixes. Updated IMPORTTBL to default to at least 1000 characters max length for each cell. Fix a crash that can occur when performing many many autoarma calculations. Fix for copies of custom multi graphs not keeping their individual graph positions ('copy mymultigraph mynewgraph'). Included 'last update time' attribute when fetching CEIC series. Fix bug in sspace estimation of OPG covariances using new engine. Fix for crash when switching seasonal graphs to a different type. Fix a crash that can occur when referencing non-existant data members. Fix for LogL I/O problem. Minor LaTeX text change in General+Graphics Options dialogs. Fix for sample break information in graphs not being (command) captured for non-panel workfiles. Implemented AIC and SIC forecast averaging routines. Fixed a rare bug that caused ets forecasts to be set to zero. Added noconv option to ets smoothing command line. Fix for matrices not updating after calling setrowlabels or setcollabels. Fixed crash when deleting a DB object from command window (when database is not open).

June, 2015

Fix a bug that could cause incorrect page names to show in workfiles with a large number of pages. Fix bug that caused equation object to not be output by autoarma routine. Fix for object preview window intermittent crash when previewing a multi graph. Fix for crash where a program has '%s={%0}' and from the cmd window type 'run test.prg "blah' (ie missing trailing "). Fix for a bug that caused pagecopy not to copy to existing workfile. Fix bug in autoarma not recognising tform=auto properly. Updated to show URL for link sources that begin with http, https, or ftp in Manage Links and Formulae dialog. Added 'mixed' graph command proc to matrices. Fix for invalid datetime error on some Bloomberg series on foreign systems. Fix for crash when saving pre-EV9 live graphs that have more than 10 series and were never displayed. Improved error message for bad matrix language operations. Fixed relative path issue with importtbl and importmat. Fixed bug with series refresh not updating some open windows. Updated to show "file" for EDB datasources in Manage Links and Formulae dialog. Changed code to allow linking back to data source even if frequency conversion is performing low to high during copy paste. Minor dialog change for panel ARDL estimation. Fix for AR sample adjustment in Markov Switching models. Added recursive tests to ARDL estimation. DBOPEN dialog updated to keep default name between different database choices. Fixed bug with not using the new database name that was just added to the database during linking. Fix for the freezing of a graph from the command line not allowing the linking of data. Fix for System ARCH specification parsing bug. Fix for table.save not working when trailing spaces are after a string variable in a program. Fix for tobit forecast string series comparison parse bug. Fixed for incorrect parsing of csv files if col width is greater than 250 chars.

May, 2015

Further ARDL cointegration view improvements. Fix memory corruption issues when interpolating using linear first and last in some workfiles. Added 'dup' option to group 'add' proc to allow for duplicate members. Fix for crash when saving a pre-EV9 live graph that was never displayed. Changes to TSLS and GMM single equation dialog. Fix for duplicate starting value output in single equation TSLS estimation. Fix for errant singular matrix errors. Fix for col and row labels in matrices and vectors not being copied when using 'Copy' command. Fixed crash when copying group with series before series themselves are copied. Fixed crash when breaking a link in formula that had a long expression > 26 characters. Fix small bug in cointegration and long run view of ARDL models with restricted linear trends. Fixed crash when accessing a view of a non-existing object. Fix for the masking of errors if a program was in quiet mode and 'smpl' was used. Fix for cointegration series and graph from ARDL models with restricted trends. Fix for a crash that could occur in SVAR estimation with singular hessian at starting values. Fix for a bug that caused various table procs to fail when called on column "p". Changes to ARDL cointegration and Bounds test views to allow for restricted constants. Fix for bugs in system and Logl Wald test views which would disable the restriction dialog. Prevent a crash in impulse response graphs. Prevent non-view objects from being displayed in another object with the object.display proc. Fix for pageselect not working if an object from another page has focus. Increased "server busy" dialog timeout to 2 minutes. Fix for incorrect initial edit control size in program windows on Windows 7. Fix for crash that could occur when adding a graph that contains non-time based text object to a spool. Minor change to factor analysis allowing multiples of the same series. Fix for zero line background setting in graphs not working from the dialog. Fix for a crash in panel ARDL representations view. Fix for bug where we were not properly interpreting the index option in binary models. Fix for textobject 'save' command creating incorrect filename when an extension is not specified. Fixed a bug that would stop j-stat showing in certain test results. Fix for incorrect error (dataset does not contain any tables) when attempting to drag drop a file that is already open in another application. Fix for graph.names not always setting the correct label in mixed graphs. Fix for a crash that could occur on the Logl and SSpace dialogs. Fix a bug in sspace forecasting which could cause an erroneous error. Added support for Windows Server 2003. Fixed bug in command capture for model scenario edits. Added support for insmpl option in .resample procs. Fixed bug in BVAR estimation that produced zero values for marginal likelihoods. Various forecasting (notably ARIMA model) bug fixes. Fix for incorrect graph text positioning. Fix for a crash when naming an object that currently has a spool displayed. Added LaTeX support for pound, euro and yen symbols. Fix a bug in autoarima forecasting that caused the AIC to always be used as the selection criteria. Fix for graph related crashes. Added old FRED interface support back. The old FRED interface allows more than 1,000 series to be fetched at a time, whereas the new one does not.

April, 2015

Fix for forecasts into the past (pre-estimation sample) returning NAs. Fix for a bug when opening a workfile containing a group with a link to series on a subsequent page. Fix for incorrect character formatting when using non-english systems. Fix for small R connectivity bug. Extend group add proc to allow for multiple instances of a series as well as wildcard expressions. Fix bug in auto-formatting of a newly generated series where series were sometimes incorrectly formatted as date series. Added ability to insert carriage returns into smart edits in a dialog via shift+enter. Preserved series order in mixed freq graphs. Fixed bugs with up frequency conversion types (linear and cubic). Added support for reading Stata 13 and 14 files. Fix for group spreadsheets where if a cell was edited in place and the series was included more than once. Fix instability when editing an individual graph while in the graph carousel of a panel workfile. Fixed bug where "fetch c:\files\annual::x" was not looking for workfiles. Fixed PAGESAVE bug with quoted values appearing in place of data. Fix for edb files not opening when double clicked from Windows Explorer. Changed @vernum to return correct version. Allowed the group ddrowopts proc to accept expressions for row and series. Fix for a bug in dialogedit boxes where typing a single letter caused the language to change. Improved error handling for invalid series in CEIC databases. Fix for a bug where redirecting output to rtf caused output also sent to the printer. Fixed preview window crash after doing an IMPORT (from an EViews program). Fixed import cmd creation bug with reading in Stata datasets. Disabled popup warning : OLE Links are not supported for unsaved workfiles. Fixed an issue that caused inline alpha series not to evaluate properly (e.g. show "test"). Fix for zerolines from cmd line in (ex graph.axis(l) zerotop) not working. Fix bug where copying group definitions would not get copied between workfiles. Fix for incorrect filename in table.save(t=pdf) myfile.pdf. Fix for crash in XY line graphs (multiple first vs all) with regression line non-default label. Fixed crash after deleting a database object from the command line. Fix for a crash when @datepart called with single numeric argument. Added clickable link to update available dialog to take user to appropriate patch info page. Fix for issues related to fetching from databases in cloud drive locations. Fix to allow Standard Edition to access FRED databases. Excel Add-in updated to support longer object names. Fix for a crash that could occur when opening equations without valid estimates. Global speed improvement. Fix for XY line graphs plotting first v first. Fix for a crash caused in multi-graphs with fit lines. Added an @eqest data member to equations that returns the string representation of the equation's estimates. Various object preview window fixes. Added command capturing to exporting series to new workfiles. Fix to @fileexist function that could return false positive. Emergency fix for an issue that could prevent the Command Window from showing. Selecting Window->Reset Window Layout will recover the Command Window should it disappear. Fix to incorrectly reported missing values for EViews 9 dependent variables QML covariance calculation. Added null hypothesis information to a number of tests. Adjustment to ordered starting values to improve the new optimizer which was getting stalled. Fix for old mixed graph commands not working. Made the graph.mixed '+-llast' an option instead of an argument to match documentation. Added the ability when creating a mixed graph from a group in the command line to use series names in addition to series. Fix for extraneous commas that could appear in command capture (ex. creating a series distribution plot). Added the ability to remove graph text objects that are positioned at the top, bottom, left, and right. Fix for off-center x-axis labels in preview window for undated workfiles. Fixed crash during preview window. Changed the way EViews help file is hosted to avoid freeze on 64-bit systems. Changed default appearance of command and capture window layout upon first start. Removed 'no object selected' error if you double click the white space in the workfile window. Removed Windows Data Protection warnings under XP. Improved speed of graph dialog.

March, 2015

Made "invalid subroutine" error a critical error - programs now stop even if maxerrs set.