EViews Academic Licenses

Note: You will be required to provide current proof of academic affiliation before your order is processed.

There are four purchase options for academic individual users.

Single-User Licenses

University Edition

Exclusive - Only for students and faculty members who need a full EViews license for less than 6 months. Learn more here.


For new users who require an individual use license.


For users with an existing EViews 1-12 (non-University Edition) Single-User License.


Available for users affiliated with an institution that has a current Volume License Program.

Volume Licenses

Consider an Academic Volume License if any of the scenarios below apply:

  • I am buying more than 3 licenses for my school.

  • I want to use a concurrent license with my server.

  • I want to install EViews in a lab or classroom for students.

  • I want to offer Standalone Licenses to faculty and students.

  • I want to have the newest version of EViews every time EViews is released.

  • I don't want to pay for upgrades.