Sales and Support Terms and FAQs

Sales and Support Terms


Return Policy
  • All sales of individual EViews software license are final. No refunds or exchanges will be provided.
  • The termination terms of the EViews Volume License are subject to the EViews Volume License Program Agreement. Please refer to your signed Agreement.
Support Includes
  • Installation and registration assistance of EViews software. Support also includes help moving EViews software license to a different computer or server.
  • Support for EViews software does not include solving business issues, business consulting, modeling problems, or econometrics and statistical theory.
Single-User License Support
  • The two (2) most current versions of EViews will be supported. Older versions of EViews will not receive any support, including installation and registration support.
  • Only the registered user of EViews will be offered support.
  • Upgrades – if you have multiple versions of EViews installed, only the most current version will be supported provided the two previous conditions above are satisfied.
  • No annual renewal fee is required.
Volume License Support
  • Please refer to the EViews Volume License Program Agreement.
  • EViews Volume License must paid and current to receive support.
  • Annual renewal fee is required.
  • Only the technical contacts listed within the Volume License Agreement is eligible for support.



Q) Can I purchase a Standalone license?
A) You can purchase Standalone license if you are a current faculty member or student at an academic institution that is in good standing with EViews and has an EViews Volume License that is currently active.

Q) Is there an annual renewal (support) fee for the Single User License?
A) No. See support terms above.

Q) I am tax exempt within the United States, where do I send my “Certificate of Exemption Status”?
A) At the time of purchase, fax your tax exempt certificate to 949-856-2044 or email to Please include your name, phone number, email address and the name of your organization or company. Please do not place an online order if you are tax exempt as we will be unable to remove the sales tax after your order has been processed.

Q) What is the difference between EViews Standard Edition and EViews Enterprise Edition?
A) EViews Enterprise Edition includes all the features of EViews Standard Edition along with support for ODBC and proprietary data formats of several commercial data and database vendors.

Q) Does EViews work on a Mac?
A) EViews University Edition works on Mac computers. If you would like to install EViews Single-User License (full version) on a Mac, please contact for assistance.

Q) What is the fee to convert my SEAT license to a CONCURRENT license?
A) A $75 fee per installed SEAT will be charged for changing/converting SEAT licenses to CONCURRENT licenses.

Q) Can I pay with PayPal?
A) No. At this time we accept the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, bank wire transfer, check in US funds drawn on US bank. Our international distributors may accept other payment methods. Please contact an international distributor near your location.

Q) Do I qualify for an Academic License?
A) To qualify for Single-User Academic License pricing, the licensee must be affiliated with an accredited and degree-granting institution or a secondary school. Faculty and students of academic institutions must provide current proof of academic affiliation.

Q) Can I buy an EViews Academic License and use it at my job?
A) No. The use of EViews Academic Licenses for commercial, consulting and research-for-hire purposes is prohibited.

Q) We are a non-profit organization, do we qualify for Academic pricing?
A) Academic Volume License pricing is only for degree-granting institutions. If your organization is not a degree-granting institution, then you cannot receive Academic pricing.

Q) I am not located in the US, can I pay with my local currency?
A) IHS only accepts payment in US Dollars. Our international distributors may accept your local currency. Please contact an EViews’ international distributor near your location.

Q) I am not located in the US, can I still buy EViews?
A) Yes. You may purchase directly from IHS, or from one of our international distributors.

Q) Is EViews available in other languages?
A) No. EViews is only available in English.

Q) I changed my mind – can I return my EViews purchase?
A) No. All sales are final.

Q) Can I get free trial copy of EViews?
A) Yes. You can request a free 30-day Demo copy here.

Q) How much does EViews cost?
A) Single-User Commercial & Academic Pricing
A) Commercial Volume License Pricing
A) Academic Volume License Pricing

For sales information, including to purchase any of our products directly from us, please email, or call us at 949-856-3368. For technical support please email Please include your serial number with all email correspondence.