EViews 13 Academic Volume License Program Pricing1

EViews Academic Volume Licenses offer educational institutions discounted pricing on EViews licenses for use in computer laboratories, on computer networks, and on the personal computers00 of faculty and students. The program includes three different types of licensing which may be used to address the specific needs of the institution.

The U.S. dollar prices listed below are for EViews purchases made directly from IHS EViews. International prices may vary. Please check with your local distributor.

A printable price sheet and complete licensing details can be found in:
EViews Academic Volume License Program (PDF, 99K / right-click to save).

Virtual Environment: Concurrent licenses may be hosted on a virtual EViews license server. EViews clients using the concurrent license can be run on VMs or over Citrix/Terminal Server.

For more information please contact sales@eviews.com.

Enterprise Edition New License Annual Renewal2
Base License Fee $1,460 $1,460
Concurrent Use Licenses (Requires Base License)3
1 Concurrent Use License Pack $310 $55
5 Concurrent Use License Pack $1,520 $270
10 Concurrent Use License Pack $2,290 $540
20 Concurrent Use License Pack $3,480 $960
30 Concurrent Use License Pack $4,430 $1,280
50 Concurrent Use License Pack $5,710 $1,730
100 Concurrent Use License Pack $7,800 $2,360
200 Concurrent Use License Pack $9,760 $2,920
500 Concurrent Use License Pack $12,550 $3,760
Computer Lab Licenses (Requires Base License)
5 Computer Lab License Pack N/A $95
Unlimited Computer Lab License Pack N/A $1,350
Standalone License Package (Requires Base License)
Standalone License $110 N/A
  1. Prices in U.S. dollars as of August 16th 2022. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  2. Annual Renewal refers to the fee for EViews Support: purchasing rights, technical assistance and software updates. Base License Fee is required for all new purchases and renewals.
  3. CONCURRENT USE licenses allow EViews to be shared across computers within a single network (LAN or VPN). However, the number of simultaneous instances of EViews in use is limited to the number of CONCURRENT USE licenses. License Packs may not be split across multiple networks running separate copies of EViews License Manager.