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"…Use EViews Enterprise to improve your modeling accuracy and work efficiency by connecting directly to your vendor's most recent data"

EViews Bloomberg1 Connectivity

The Bloomberg Database Extension is a feature for EViews that adds easy access to Bloomberg’s extensive collection of market and economic data from within EViews.

The Bloomberg extension allows you to fetch data directly into an EViews workfile without resorting to awkward intermediate formats. You can link series in your workfile to Bloomberg data and ask EViews to update them automatically. The extension also provides the ability to search through Bloomberg securities and fields within EViews so you can easily find whatever data you need.


In order to use the Bloomberg connection to EViews, you must have the Bloomberg Professional application software installed on the machine running EViews Enterprise, and you must have a currently active subscription to Bloomberg and be able to log into the Bloomberg Professional terminal on your machine.

Note that the Bloomberg database extension for EViews currently only supports Bloomberg Desktop API configurations. Bloomberg Server API and B-Pipe configurations are not currently supported by EViews.

For full documentation on using Bloomberg data within EViews, please download the Bloomberg Database Extension for EViews pdf.

1. Bloomberg is a trademark of Bloomberg Finance L.P.