EViews 12 Patch Installer

To determine if your installed EViews is out-of-date, you can compare the "build date" of your version of EViews with those posted below. Your version's build date is displayed when you select About EViews... from the EViews Help Menu.

The EViews 12 update executable may be used to update your currently installed EViews 12 to the most recent shipping version. The update installer will not run unless you already have EViews 12 installed on your machine.

In most cases, the easiest way to update your EViews 12 License is to simply click on Help->EViews Update.

Current Update

  • Patch Date : 2022-04-19

    • Fix for issue with accessing files through cloud interface on Mac.
    • Fix for crash after System::makeendog and then deleting series.
    • Updated EViews to work with Python 3.10.
    • Fix for display issue with Mixed Freq VARs impulse responses.
    • Improved popup behavior in colormap dialog.
    • Fix for an issue where saving a workfile was failing.
    • Spurious error message in Make principal components proc.
    • Removed space restriction from X13.
    • Fixed dialog issues in outlier page.