EViews Student Version Lite Download

EViews Student Version Lite Download

Thank you for your application for a copy of EViews Student Version Lite. You may download the Student Version program using one of the links provided below. You may choose between the Windows and Mac versions of the program.

You will require your 24-character EViews serial number. If you have not yet requested a serial number you may do so on the request page.

Before running the installer, you should make certain that you have this number at hand since you must enter it as part of the installation procedure and as part of product activation/registration.

***The EViews Student Version Lite program will not run unless you provide a valid serial number***

Note that your license entitles you to use the Student Version program for two (2) years from the date of product activation/registration.

To download the Student Version installer, click on one of the following links.

1) Windows

Windows 1:

Attention Mac Users: Please check which Mac OSX you are using before you downloading the installer below.  Which Mac operating system am I running?


2) Mac (OSX Catalina/10.15 and Big Sur/11.0):


3) Mac (OSX Mojave/10.14 and older)

Does not work with OSX 10.15 codenamed 'Catalina' and 11.x codenamed 'Big Sur'

Complete installation and registration instructions may be found in the downloadable EViews Student Version Guide.

Please send any bugs, comments or suggestions to support@eviews.com