EViews 9.5 New Features

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"EViews 9 raises the ante with a number of interface improvements…"


Model Interface Improvements


Print View

Print View (available from the PrintView button, or from View/Print View) offers a new way of looking at the underlying equations in your model. This new feature produces a text representation of the Model, allowing you to display equations in broken form without having to break the link to the underlying equation object, and allows you to specify output features such as display decimal places and whether to use variable display names or not.

Below is an example of the Print View compared to the Text view of a model:

Equation View Find

New find functionality allows you to search for equations by name, by exogenous variable or by endogenous variable. For example if you have a linked equation called “EQ01”, you can type EQ01 in the Find: field, click on Find Next, and EViews will select that equation in the Equation View. Similarly you can type in GDP, and EViews will select the next equation (either linked or written as an inline expression in the model) that contains the variable GDP.

Scenario Descriptions

The Scenario dialog of the Model now has a new tab that allows you to enter a description for each Scenario:

The description is saved with the scenario and can be used to make notes on the assumptions/purpose of each scenario.

Any series that are generated during a solve under the scenario will have the scenario’s description added to their own description attribute if the Export description to solution series check box is checked.

Scenario View

The new Scenario View of a model (available from View/Scenario View) displays a list of each of the model’s scenarios, along with their alias, any overrides or excludes, and descriptions:

Model Protection

Model Protection (available from Proc/Protect/Unprotect Model) allows you to password-protect your model. Once password protected, a number of features of the model are locked down:

  • Text view of the model cannot be accessed.

  • All existing scenarios become write-protected.

  • Equations and variables cannot be added/deleted or modified.

  • Links cannot be broken.

  • Add-factors cannot be assigned or modified.

The model may still be solved, new scenarios can still be created, and a copy of the model (which will be unprotected) can still be made.

Please note that once a model is password protected, only EViews 9.5 can open the model, older version of EViews will not be able to open the model. You must unprotect the model to open it with older versions of EViews.