EViews 10 New Features

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"EViews 10 raises the ante with a number of interface improvements…"


Updated Interface

EViews has always been known for its unmatched ease-of-use, but there's always room for improvement. We've raised the ante in EViews 10 with a number of interface improvements. Here are but a few of the highlights:


EViews 10 supports a new backup feature, called “snapshots.” Workfiles and programs can now be easily backed up and managed using this new system. Snapshots can be manually taken whenever you want to save the current state of your workflow. EViews also supports automatic snapshots that are taken periodically to allow you to easily roll back a workfile or program to a previous state and/or investigate changes made to your work between points.

Program Snapshot Comparison

Not only do snapshots provide a history of your data, but you can also store a record of every action you have performed between snapshots, giving a full record of your workflow.

Spreadsheet Live Statistics

The spreadsheet view of series and groups has been updated to include a selection of descriptive statistics along the status bar. The display can be customized to control which statistics to calculate, and the values are updated in real time as you select different ranges of cells within the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Live Statistics

Long Object Names

EViews 10 now supports a maximum object name length of 300 characters. Before EViews 10, the maximum object name length was 24 characters.

Although this may seem like a minor change - users fetching data from third-party data vendors will no longer have to face the constraints of converting existing series names into a 24 character limit.

Enhanced Logging Abilities

New to EViews 10 all program log windows appear as tabbed windows, and you may rearrange their positions. Additionally, you have the ability to specify a name for the log window and direct the messages to the log window with the specified name.